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QuestionAre you a male or female? Answer

As this is a private blog, I don’t like to reveal anything that could help give away who I am. As minute as gender is, it’s still a factor and thus I will not tell a random anon. Sorry :/

nothing tastes as bad as horny feels omfg

Anyone out there looking for a fuck buddy around Massachusetts?

All of you cuties out there should start the new year off right by sending me submissions :)

Either do so on here, or you can kik me @lemmeseeu if that’s better for you!

I’m really horny and I’m snowed in, so anything you can do will help!!

Thanks, and I hope you submit!! :) xx

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QuestionHey, there! A while back you asked if I would be willing to submit to you. Well, I might be, if you send me your Kik name first (it's not showing on your blog for me). ;) Answer

Sweet, thanks! My kik is lemmeseeu :) xx

Hello there, ladies! Long time, no see!

If you’re willing, I’d love for some of you to submit to my blog! I haven’t had any submissions in months! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! You can submit on here, or on kik @lemmeseeu so you have an easier way to submit! Thanks! :) xx

Halloween is coming up, so I’d like everyone to submit me a picture of them in their costumes! I don’t care how much fake blood you use, you’re still attractive in my book! Submit to me on here, or on kik at lemmeseeu

We’ll be having a bit of a costume contest with the submissions, and the submission with the most notes by the end of Halloween will win a very spoopy prize. 

Questionwana rip ur clothes off then pin u against the wall so i can shove my hard throbbing dick inside ur wet pussy. id fuck u rough until i heard u moan then i cum inside ur mouth so u can feel the warm cum slide down ur throat :) wana see the dick that will do that? Answer

I’m sorry, but where exactly in my posts did you see “this person wants to hear a horribly written story of what I would like to do to them sexually”? And I take it that story, while creative and original, takes place in real time in correlation with the speed that I read it? Well, it took me about 10 seconds to read, so it’s interesting to see how pitiful of a sexual character you are. :) xx

A two-fer from a horny honey!

A lovely flash from a lovely woman!

A lovely flash from a lovely woman!